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Grand County Living Magazine Testimonials

“The magazine article [Remodeling A Closet Or A Mansion: Design Principles Are The Same] is getting some traction and people have started calling. They are really surprised about my condo: 'THAT is a SNOWBLAZE condo?' Also several new leads from the ad. Just wanted to thank you and Tim for everything! Cheers! Can't wait until the next one."
- Erica Kalkofen of EK Kitchens & Design, Winter Park, CO

“I am so excited the summer 2013 edition is out! "Grand County Home and Lifestyle Living" Magazine is truly one of Grand County's Gems! This magazine is a work of art in itself. It's professionally beautiful and visually stunning. The writing, photography, printing, and layout are so engaging in this magazine, it looks and reads like a high-end, fine art photography coffee table book. It makes you want to move and live in the Rocky Mtns.

Whenever I visit or recommend an establishment that advertises in and offers to their patrons, a copy of Grand County Living Magazine, I feel like the business is giving me a great gift of art to take home. Thank you for this wonderful treasure!"
- Dawn Mathews, Patron and Supporter of Local Artistry

Grand County Living magazine is a wonderful representation of this beautiful community. It’s quite a challenge to capture the unique qualities we enjoy here in Grand County. I love seeing, and discovering, the excellence and personality of our region through this publication, and am proud to share it with others!”
- Mike Loomis, Winter Park, CO

“I wanted to let you know how I appreciate the balanced content of your most recent edition. Between the smart and relevant use of beetlekill woods, to recycling (that should take advantage of a rail siding as is done at the Boulder County Recycling Center). Building Bicycles is one of the many things that can be done for our economy in our isolated headwaters.

Finally your coverage about the Grand County / Denver Water watershed agreement... I will add to Mr Klanke's and TUks desire for flushing flows that whatis good for fish is good for kayakers.. high water flows are essential to all of us in the ecosystem. Kudos again and keep up the good work.

Please please remember that it takes more than homebuilding to make a economy and a community. And call Denver Water out if they sell more land for houses and don't include the water it takes to support those homes.. the very water that falls on those grounds.

And while we can, lets codify a web of trails for summer and winter on land, snow and water!

All the best.”
- Landis Arnold, Tabernash and Niwot, CO

“I was in Winter Park a few days ago and saw the [Grassroots Green] article in Grand County Living. My mouth hung open in disbelief at the beginning of the article: 'The ear-splitting sound of breaking glass is the first step in the recycling process...Much of the broken glass is sent to a nearby factory where it will become colorful kitchen counter surfaces or “glassphalt” to be used on highway projects around the state.'

Because several days earlier I happened to meet some people in NY who make a machine that cleanly separates glass bottles from paper and plastic, and pulverizes the glass to various grades - and I took a bunch of photos of tiles that had been made with the glass as well as samples to start marketing the ground glass to glass workers.

I'm curious if you knew that exists already, and would you like an intro to the company (Andela Products)?

Looks like [Tim Hodsdon's] quite a great organizer and there's a nice future for the county! FYI I live in San Francisco.”
- Susie, San Francisco

“I liked what the [Double Vision Artist] article said so much and it was just fun to see how she [Cara McDonald] did that. Thank you so much for the cover and you did a great job with the type...etc to make it something someone wants to pick up...I really appreciate it and you for the remarkable magazine.”
- Marjorie Cranston, Jackstraw Mountain Gallery

“Read the magazine yesterday. Nicely done. Love the article on Keith Sanders. He's such an awesome person. He helped me put my tri-bike together and fit it for me.”
- Kristen Lodge

“We picked up Grand County Living after the GMB board meeting Monday. What a treat! Your committment to aesthetics, wed with sustainability is "grand" to see. We hope your venture thrives. Cheers!”
- Glenda and Mac

“I wanted to congratulate you and your crew for an outstanding job on the latest edition. As an advertiser, I'm very proud to have once again put my investment monies into a quality publication where my company and brand continues to gain value and community awareness. The exposure you provide through the magazine and website is very important as I continue to grow my company. It gives me great pleasure and measureable results when someone stops me in town and says, 'I saw your ad in Grand County Living.' Great work, excellent cover and count me in for next year.”
- Cheryl Akright, Representing buyers and sellers of real estate

“I am SO impressed by your new magazine. It is so elegant and well done, I had to tell you. I finished reading it last night, and the articles are also so interesting and informative. Plus, the photos are so beautiful - the whole thing makes a lovely coffee table book.”
- Grete Jansen, Boulder

“We are considering retirement to Grand Lake. We visited in July and again last week. We shall be back in January. I found the Summer 2008 Issue in July and this time found the Summer 2007 Issue. It is so packed with relevant information, I would like to be sure not to miss a copy.”
- Lyn & Tony Board, California

“My husband and I just completed construction of our new home in Grand County in late July 2008. We chose this area for our new home because of the wonderful mountain biking trails, great ski area, small town environment and the beautiful valley. Now that we are spending more time here, we wanted to meet more people who live here and get motivated to ride our bikes more frequently.

We read the Lifestyle article 'Grand County Mountain Bike Groups' by Cindy Kleh in your magazine. The biking group sounded like a great way to get to know the people and the trails in this area. We emailed Bill Jalbert and he provided us with lots of information about the group, the rides and encouraged us to check it out. We have ridden with the group several times now and very much enjoy it. It was so nice to get involved so quickly and easily with the friendly people in the county. Thanks for including this type of article in your magazine! We look forward to more articles like this one.”
- Julie & Steve Griffin

Grand County Living Magazine is one of my favorite resources for keeping a finger on the pulse of trends and issues that affect the real estate and building industry in Grand County. As a real estate and land use attorney, my clients, both local and out-of-town, expect me to know what's going on in the County.”
- David P. Michel


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