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Feature Articles for 2014

By Cindy Kleh / Photos by Carter Photographics & courtesy of Grand County Landscaping & EarthWise Landscaping

You have set aside a chunk of change for home improvement, but where do you start? What will give you the biggest bang for the buck? Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom? New carpet? Before you start, look out your windows and assess your yard. Does it equal the time and attention you’ve given to the inside of the house?

When done professionally, planting trees, shrubs, flowers and installing walkways, patios and lighting can boost the selling price of your home by 20 percent and help sell it quicker! And unlike those new kitchen cabinets and countertops, those plants will continue to increase in value as they grow taller and more established, and provide more shade and privacy.

Curb Appeal
One local family recently sold their home quickly because of the professional landscaping installed and maintained by Alpine Landscape Service over 10 years. The new buyers liked the combination of the extensive deck and flagstone patio; the multi-colored trees, shrubs and perennials; the small lawn with just enough space for the dog to run and room to fit a trampoline for their kids.

“Curb appeal is huge, and landscaping is the first thing prospective buyers notice when they look at a house!” claims Matt Bailey, owner of Alpine Landscape Service. Often, opinions about how well the owners have maintained the home are formed before they even walk in the door. Homebuyers today are more drawn to outdoor sitting spaces, patios and decks that are perceived as additional rooms and added square footage.

A Visceral Connection to Nature
“You can’t put a price on a homebuyer’s emotional connection to nature,” says Dave Gaudioso of Grand County Landscaping. “Like an awesome view, great landscaping can up the selling price of a home. People are paying more attention to the outdoors – they want to be able to walk outside and get away from it all.”

“Landscape design can be as simple or complex as the homeowner wants,” adds Grady Boomer, owner of Grand County Landscaping. “Sometimes multiple outdoor rooms laid out in a functional and beautiful manner are desired. Other times, all that is needed is a simple transition from the house to the natural beauty supplied by summer in the Rockies.”

Investing in landscaping can provide a home and yard with a natural privacy barrier that’s more pleasant than a fence. Landscaping can also be an effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs by providing shade and wind blocks. Boomer loves the antique feel of “live retaining walls” – stone walls that have mosses and plants hanging down from the spaces between rocks.

Turn On The Trees
Outdoor landscape lighting is also a growing trend for safety, security and to make your landscaping come alive at night. Low voltage, 12V landscape lighting is the best option because it is less expensive, safer and your landscaper can install it rather than high voltage lighting which requires an electrician.

Often overlooked or underdone, landscape lighting can highlight features and give an inviting ambiance for outdoor entertaining. You can use down-lighting for walkways, stairs and patios, and up-lighting to show off the trees or plantings. Landscape lights not only let you walk safely down a flagstone path at night, but also illuminates a places to spend time with your family and friends.

The Draw of a Fire
“We all live in Grand County because we love the outdoors!” claims Mike Klebba of EarthWise Landscaping based in Winter Park. “Why not create an extraordinary outdoor environment that allows you to enjoy being outside in the crisp autumn air next to the warmth of an outdoor fireplace? You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the pleasure of having a meal or drink outdoors.” Bring the comforts of your home outside by adding patio space, seating and a source of warmth – expanding your home’s livable space year-round.

“Our designs not only enhance the landscape, but also reflect the unique features of each property and its natural surroundings,” states Klebba, who has a degree in Environmental Design and a Masters Degree in Construction Management. “Many clients are amazed at how much they use their patio for both relaxing and entertaining once it’s incorporated into their landscape. We are designing and building some really unique patios using pavestones and flagstone as well as the natural rocks found on site. We are also incorporating natural seating areas, flower beds and even grills into patios that make them both efficient and enjoyable!”

EarthWise Landscaping also specializes in installing realistic-looking artificial turf, allowing homeowners worry-free and maintenance-free lush green lawns without the watering, fertilizing and cutting chores. “The turf even eliminates ‘Mud Season!’ Instant green without the mud,” adds Klebba.

A Growing Investment
If you’re wondering where to start with home improvements, take a long, hard look at your yard. Does it reflect the true quality of your home? Some folks actually enjoy yard work and own the tools needed to take existing landscaping to the next level. Some finish with a professional-looking landscape, but most are better off putting that investment of time, material and plants into the hands of a professional landscaping company.

The sooner you start digging, the sooner those trees will be tall enough to create more shade and privacy. With beautiful landscaping, your home improvement investment will continue to grow in resale value year after year.

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