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Feature Articles for 2014

A Passion for Great Design
By Cindy Kleh

Some of us like our jobs, but a lucky few actually love them. Principal Designer Erica Kalkofen, of ek•kitchens&design, is one of those people – she lives and breathes great design, and the end results are spaces that speak to us and invite us in … living spaces that reflect our tastes, personalities and needs.

“At ek•kitchens&design, we want to make you feel great about your home so you can do your best work – whether it’s running a company, managing a family, or serving other people. One of the reasons I truly love this job is because I get to meet interesting clients – from CEOs to pilots to pro golf caddies – every walk of life! They have one common denominator: they get stuck when it comes to improving their living spaces. I listen and brainstorm with them, which results in discovering unique solutions.”

Erica started her business, ek•kitchens&design, in 2010 on Valentine’s Day. She picked that day because she wanted people to love their home, love their life and love what they do in their remodeled space. “From day one, I decided I’m going to love everything about this company … and I still do. Everyday.”

Conquering the Budget
“My design philosophy has always been that great design can happen no matter the budget. Having a fresh perspective and thinking outside the box are my specialties. I have a knack for seeing what could be done with a space instead of seeing what is currently there. The final product will make you fall in love with your home again!”

Erica also has a passion for research and narrowing down all the options. Let’s face it: there are endless mountains of interior decor choices out there in shops and online! She actually enjoys finding out what is new, trendy, energy-saving, classy, durable, relatively inexpensive, and packing the most eye-appeal punch for the dollar. She enjoys the process of inventing a luxurious look without exceeding her clients’ budgets!

It makes her day when she discovers a striking new bathroom fixture or a stunning tile combination at a reasonable price, because most of her clients don’t have the time or inclination to pour through mountains of information. They just want to be presented with the best items that fit their lifestyle, make their choices and be done. This saves her clients time, and time is money.

With 13 years of experience in kitchen and bath design, as well as interior design, Erica takes care of the design and planning, getting the best pricing, placing orders and making sure that the materials arrive on time to prevent frustrations. This is the fastest and best way to get through a remodel! Delays can have a domino effect, setting off the timing for subcontractors, resulting in higher costs and longer down times for each space.

“If it can’t be completed with the budget that I have, I give clients ideas on how to accomplish it over time.”

Getting to Know You
Using a holistic approach to the design challenge, ek•kitchens&design begins the design guiding process with a Get Acquainted session (sign up at myremodelingdesigner.com) at the studio or via phone. This allows Erica to find out as much as possible about her clients’ lifestyle, goals, family, tastes, favorite activities and approximate budget by asking questions like: What is the first priority in your remodel? How do you live? Cook? Entertain? Relax? Shop?

“My style is influenced by your home, your personality and your family’s needs, combined with a little edge and fun. I simply adore the whole transformation process! I love helping clients figure out what they want and showing them that their dream is actually possible. Their ecstatic reactions to the finished project give me the desire to keep on remodeling.”

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

1. A professional interior designer can save you money, time and frustration. Ask yourself honestly if you really have the expertise, tools, spare time and patience to take on a remodel project yourself.

2. An interior designer can provide a fresh perspective. To create a whole new look and a more functional design, it helps to have a professional opinion – someone who can see past the present design and inherent problems and envision something “off the charts.”

3. An interior designer will provide solutions. Most of us get intimidated by color choices and go with “safe” tones that under-achieve the look of our dreams. Paint and color, when done right, can reflect your personality and your home. A paint map will give you the confidence to apply color and to use color in other areas of your home.

4. An interior designer can prevent design flaws. Even if you’re a DIYer, designers can prevent a serious faux pas that might decrease the integrity, historical value or ultimately the selling price of the home. Alternatively, they can add exciting accents that suggest luxury and style to catch a homebuyer’s eye.

5. An interior designer can make the project fun. Why take on a complicated, stressful project yourself when collaborating with a designer can be a fun and enjoyable adventure?

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